Playable races


Short, stout and stubborn, Dwarves are the shortest of the five main races. Inhabiting the southernmost jungle-cliffs of Draikha, the dwarves had one of the longest journeys to reach their home. Dwarves usually have brown- and red- coloured hair, as well as brown or black eyes, though some believe that if a dwarf is born near a vein of rare gems, they will have similar coloured eyes.


The most varied race of all, Humans come in all shapes and sizes. Besides being the most numerous race, they are also a race that never truly stopped adapting, though it has slowed enormously. Thanks to this you can expect communities of Humans to be found almost anywhere they are allowed to settle without being chased off.


Inhabitants of Mudor, Orcs are the rulers of the eastern volcanos. Tall and broad when compared to humans, Orcs come in tones of green, brown and red. While orcs aren’t fireproof, they have a higher tolerance for heat than most other races.


Tall, pretty and pointy eared inhabitants of Nynith, Elves live in various tribes over the country, usually with others of the same kind. One of the most divided races on the continent, Elves come in four different flavours; High Elves who primarily live in cities, Dark Elves that roam around as nomads, Wood Elves that have made their home in the many forests, and Deep Elves who live deep underground.


The offspring of Giants and Humans, Half-Giants call Yuvaral home. While not as tall as Giants, these hardy people still stand tall compared to other races, with only Trolls nearing their height. They can be almost as varied as humans, yet their hair shows how far they are descended from Giants. The child of a Giant and a Human has mostly white hair, with a hint of the human parent’s hair colour. The darker the hair, the further they are related to a Giant.

Other races

While playing on our server, you may also encounter other races. These other races are offsprings of the five main races.


Big, large and in charge, Trolls are more often compared to frogs than other sapient species. With wide heads, sagging skin and webbed feet, it’s easy to figure out why. Often found near rivers and lakes, these creatures are more gentle than their hunched frames would imply.


Small humanoids with fuzzy brown hair, even the tallest of them does not reach the chest of an adult male Human or Elf. While most are usually content to simply live in their homes with a small farm to provide for them and their families, they are prolific wanderers.


Small in stature, these creatures with a strange preference for mushrooms are some of the most enigmatic people one can meet while travelling. With large eyes and a black button nose, Gnomes are often picked up when other races mistake them for children. Though this notion is quickly dissuaded when they try to sink their sharp teeth into any arm that tries to lift them up.


Small eyes, big ears and a big nose. That combined with their dark green skin is the trademark appearance of the Goblin race. Averaging at just under Human chest-height, goblins call the mountains to the west of Mudor home, they tend to butt heads with the nearby Kobolds of the Screaming Cliffs due to the small reptiles regularly flopping into the mines of the Goblins.


Beady black eyes, a long sharp snout and large diversity of scale colours, the small reptiles that call the canyon of the Screaming Cliffs home have a fondness of digging and screaming. Usually found deep underground scurrying through an expansive cave system, a rare few do travel the world.


Standing slightly larger on average than a human, Lizardfolk inhabit the Wickdare Swamp, a large stretch of wetlands near the south-western coast. Just like the race’s name suggests, they look like big lizards standing on two legs, usually with green scales and yellow eyes.


Catfolk are humanoid cats who wander the desert in tribes. Many different tribes roam the sands, and are usually named after a feline species which the tribe members resemble. And while tribes do occasionally mingle, it is rare due to the vastness of the Shafra Desert.

Extinct races

Some races have been extinct due to war, disease or other events in Regnum’s history.


Towering over all other races, Giants lumber the frozen mountains of Whitmire in small tribes. With dark grey, almost black skin covered in thick white hair, Giants are able to withstand temperatures lower than any other race.

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