Horgath Outpost

Horgath Outpost an ancient outpost originally built by the ancient giants as a watchtower and outpost to prepare for war, but after the clans united it was transformed into a trading post for adventures and the master ice miners and ice-merchants, who would take the ice and ride their sleighs through the snowy north to the Sunterland’s where they would trade it for warm clothes and blankets, and return to the outpost to trade those items for more ice, the cycle continuing.

Outpost of Erith

The Outpost of Erith was founded on Hudsor Isle by a group of Trolls to trade with the Giants and Humans. With the isle’s fertile lands and easy access to the Human highlands, Erith can easily import and export large quantities of vegetables, meat and other animal products all over the world.

Urmkir Outpost

Urmkir Outpost was built overlooking the active volcano Okos. Historically it has been used to export large amounts of obsidian, mushrooms and many other resources that can only be found in the surrounding volcanic regions. Built high up in a volcanic mountain range, the orcs who settled there wished to primarily annoy potential traders that knew that they could not get the materials anywhere else, or without the help of orcs.

Cliffhand Outpost

Cliffhand Outpost was dug into the sides of the Screaming Cliffs, a large terracotta plateau rising out of the middle of a large crater. Shortly after the kobolds claimed it as their new home, they began shipping large quantities of terracotta to other races as the kobolds dug caves deep underground.

Everridge Outpost

Everidge Outpost was built in the Neeborg Peaks by a bunch of humans that didn’t want to keep crossing the desert to reach the dwarves. Originally only one of many quarries set up in the mountainous region, it has since become the main trading point where many different goods flow through to the outside world, as well as to the quarries.

Aros Outpost

Aros Outpost is a small village in the Wickdare Swamps, one of the few villages known to outsiders. The reptilian inhabitants of the swamp usually keep to themselves, with Aros being where they barter off ingredients and resources that can only be obtained in the swamp, while importing anything they cannot get themselves.

Faywharf Outpost

Faywharf is a harbour located on the island of Segdew. Built by a group of dwarves that split off from the main expedition, Faywharf is one of the oldest places that doesn’t officially belong to one kingdom or race. Faywharf is also the largest exporter of seafood and other sea-related goods.

Badraan Oasis Outpost

Badraan Oasis Outpost is one of the few stopping points for the tribes that wander the desert, being a major source of water and food for many that wander the sands. Many of the feline tribes that wander the sands only bother with stocking up on enough food and water to last them their next journey, but some have set up quarries to export sandstone.


Gardens of Galte Outpost

The Gardens of Galte Outpost is the southernmost point of the continent and was built by a small group of elves led by Galte. The purpose of this place was to grow all kinds of flora, and is partially responsible for the ‘elves are tree huggers’ misunderstanding.

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