Terros and Regnum

Regnum is a continent in the world of Terros. Nobody knows if there are other continents on the planet, the ships have always been too weak to travel long distances. Prior to the arrival of the planetary explorers, the inhabitants of Regnum still believed that the continent of Regnum was the entire planet. Through research by a new generation of continent’s researchers, the researchers were able to see whether there was more than just Regnum on the planet Terros. As such, the study is not yet complete.
Researchers believe that the planet used to be full of volcanoes and that there were ongoing volcanic eruptions. These eruptions created the Regnum’s mainland. At that time, the first version of demihumans already appeared. Few things are known about this race, it was some sort of human race; but not quite what humans look like now. But what the researchers do know is that they built a village around the large crystal in the big blossom forest. At that time, the entire world was still a volcanic soil, only this area was inhabited by different kinds of animals that the demihumans hunted for food. Not much later, the first rivers sank through that forest and the volcanoes ceased to erupt. Most of these volcanic areas have been altered by the climate of this part of the continent. Thus is how mountains, deserts, snow areas and forests were created.
Only the demihumans who lived in the village around the crystal did not want to leave. They have lived here for decades, and they always thought the area was sacred. This was the first habitable area and the inhabitants thought it was a gift from the gods. The gods, according to some, were the founders of Terros. Some even claimed to have had contacted with these gods.

The Capital; Crystal City

After 500 years, the village became a great city, known as “Crystal City”. Most of the demihumans of the Regnum mainland lived there back then. Some citizens have begun expeditions to various regions of the continent. In total there have been eight different expeditions going to the different cardinal points. The North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West and Northwest.

The Expansion

To the north a strange highland was found. It often rained here and it was very wet. More of this area was found in the northeast, along with several areas in which large mushrooms have been found. The last volcanoes of the province were found in the east. In addition, there is also a mountain area and a huge canyon, where many researchers died because they tried to walk through the canyon to see what was next to the canyon. More mountains and a stretch of jungle were found to the south and southeast. In the southwest a large desert was found with many islands with a bit of jungle behind the desert. The expedition to the west was short, only an ocean with some small islands was found. In contrast, a large snow area was found in the northwest, which has never been fully discovered. The area was too big, too wild and far too cold. Previously, the desert area allowed them to walk around it, and there were several wetlands in the desert where the researchers could live for a while. This was not the case in the snow area.

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