There are numerous custom recipes available to make the challenge considerably more difficult. In our world, you can create blocks and items that are not obtainable in vanilla Minecraft. As a kingdom, you can grind a lot to develop the best items thanks to this system.

Recipes of things like sandstone, blackstone and quartz.

Recipes of things like swords, shields and arrows.

Recipes of things like helmets, leggings and boots.

Recipes of things like iron tool rod, bell and end rod.

Recipes of things like pickaxes, shovels and axes.

Recipes of things like gears, hoppers and redstone cores. 

Regnum is a huge continent with a long history and a rich culture. It also has a wide range of playable races, kingdoms your characters can join, information they’d know and knowledge they wouldn’t know, and everything in between to enable you to begin your adventure out in the open world.

Background information on the current five kingdoms. Who are the monarchs in charge? What are the locations of these kingdoms? What exactly happend between the kingdoms?

All events that occurred on the continent of Regnum in the past. More details about the deeds, thoughts, and events that have shaped the future.

Do you want to learn more about the races you can play as? Which races are you likely to encounter? All races’ backgrounds, appearances, and personalities are described here.

On the continent of Regnum, there are a total of 15 outposts. Read about each outpost’s history and what you can expect to find here.

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