Kings of Regnum

an unique fantasy medieval kingdom server heavily focused on roleplay

What makes us unique?

Custom world

Our entire world is custom and handmade. As a player, you can alone or with your kingdom explore all 150 ruins, 10 outposts, and 5 kingdoms. Different forms of loot can be found in the ruins, which are reset after a certain amount of time by our own loot table. Most other races may be found in our 15 distinct outposts, where you can trade with traders and roleplay with other characters. Of course, this is also feasible outside of the outposts.

Also, a hundred different islands, a hundred different rivers and lakes, and dozens of diverse biomes can be found on our 18,000 × 18,000 block map.


If you're new to our server or discord, one of the first things you need to do is choose a kingdom. As a player you can choose between five different kingdoms:

• Draikha; The Kingdom of the Dwarves
• Ipharis; The Kingdom of the Humans;
• Mudor; The Kingdom of the Orcs;
• Nynit; The Kingdom of the Elves;
• Yuvaral; The Kingdom of the Half-Giants;

Each kingdom has a different style of building and way of life. There is also a significant variance in the traditions of each kingdom. The history of each kingdom is detailed on the lore page.

Roleplay and lore

Roleplaying the #1 thing on our server. You can roleplay with anyone you wish on our server. Our loreteam has written lore on a variety of topics. When you join a kingdom, it is critical that you are familiar with their lore.

While playing on our server, you may also encounter other races. These other races are offsprings of the five main races. Examples are: Trolls, goblins, halflings and catfolk.

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